Betway必威下载 // 2021年3月17日星期三09:09:53 +0000 en - 每小时 1 Betway必威下载 // 32 32 Origin公司宣布大举扩建仓储和物流设施 // 起源 2021年3月17日星期三08:05:03 +0000 公司新闻 // OriBetway必威下载gin Pharma Packaging在斯肯索普,北林肯郡开设了一个新的仓库设施,扩大其物流和存储地点在梅尔顿,东赖丁的约克郡。除了位于梅尔顿(Melton)的Origin物流仓库(2.5万平方英尺)。位于斯肯索普的新工厂占地86000平方英尺。占地5.9英亩。它能容纳4900人…< / p > < p >的<一个rel =“nofollow”href = " // " >起源宣布重大扩张仓库和物流设施< / >第一次出现在< rel =“nofollow”href = " // " >起源医药包装< / >。< / p >Betway必威下载 OriBetway必威下载gin Pharma Packaging在斯肯索普,北林肯郡开设了一个新的仓库设施,扩大其物流和存储地点在梅尔顿,东赖丁的约克郡。

In addition to Origin’s logistics warehouse in Melton (25,000 sq. ft), the new facility in Scunthorpe boasts 86,000 sq. ft, set within a 5.9-acre site. It houses 4,900 fully barcoded pallet spaces, a 20,000 sq. ft holding area and four loading bays.

The significantly larger site will create more stock holding for Origin’s UK and international pharmaceutical clients, as well as its own manufactured products that are supplied globally.

The new facility benefits from a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System, increasing pick accuracy, stock management and efficiency, allowing Origin to fulfil client orders across the UK and the rest of the world at market-leading speeds.

Investing in larger warehouse capacity will enable Origin to create a more efficient pharma packaging supply chain in the long term and protect against delays caused by Brexit and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the short term.

It will also help the company serve a growing client base who are seeking ISO 15378 pharma standard storage space.

Pharmaceutical and medical device primary packaging materials include glass, rubber, plastics, aluminium containers/components, films, foils and laminate containers. As these materials come in direct contact with medicinal products, they need to comply with safety, efficacy and reliability requirements. This includes the conditions under which they are stored and transported.

The new warehouse is also supporting local job creation in North Lincolnshire, with Origin recruiting and expanding its on-site operation team. The warehouse is now fully functioning and all staff, along with visitors, are following strict COVID-19 rules and procedures – including social distancing, wearing PPE, temperature checks on arrival and track and trace.

Stewart Berry, Operations Lead at Origin commented:

Origin’s new warehouse facility marks an important milestone for the company, supporting our ambitious growth plans and securing Origin’s long-term position as a market-leading partner to the UK and international pharmaceutical industry.”

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新英国生命科学与诊断工业 // 起源 2021年3月5日星期五10:16:48 +0000 制药行业新闻 //

鉴于大流行,英国的两个新兴产业已经展示了无菌填充的承诺。betway必威手机版官网下载本指南详细介绍了这些部门的细节以及它们如何受Covid-19的影响。  In light of the pandemic, there have been two new industries emerging in the scientific communities, standing out above...

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In light of the pandemic, there have been two new industries emerging in the scientific communities, standing out above all others right now. The life sciences and diagnostic industries in the UK are set to be the go-to for aseptic filling projects thanks to the dedication shown in the fields.

Aseptic Filling

Aseptic filling is the process by which sterilised drugs are packaged in a way that keeps them sterile for as long as possible. It is one of the most important processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing, as it keeps the drugs in the best possible condition for when they are distributed to those who need them. 

The process typically consists of the sterile medication being transferred via a sterile filling needle, into a sterile container before being immediately sealed. With the new market-led aseptic filling facility, the two emerging industries need to work together more than ever to deliver what is needed.

Life Sciences

Life sciences cover a broad range of areas such as developing pharma, research tools and medical devices and are all based on the research of organisms. Since the pandemic hit, the life sciences industry has been refuelled and is back with a new perspective. It is one of the only industries that has seen growth in the last couple of months due to the research for the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. The growth is slow but steady, and due to the critical work that is being conducted every single day in this industry, it is essential that the UK continues to support the area.

The UK is already the world leader when it comes to the life sciences sector, but it is now set to become the world leader for all aseptic filling projects as well. It is essential that the work in the life sciences industry is recognised, revered and continued so that the distribution of medicine and other life-changing products can continue in the best way possible. 

The life sciences industry has been helping to support the NHS and other bodies by conducting research in order to deliver medicines and technology that will help against COVID. Also, by supporting NHS delivery service, the life sciences industry has allowed for improved capacity for COVID testing and diagnostics, effectively contributing more than any other industry has done. 


The demand for diagnostics has risen in the past year due to the pandemic and the nature of the research that is needed in order to fight it. One particular type of diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, has particularly taken off due to not much being known about the virus at all. The research that has gone into this has made the industry explode, and beyond that has the capabilities to do far more good in the world.

While the diagnostics industry has always been around, it was previously a small industry, lacking any real power or credit for the work they have done. It has now been thrown front and center into the middle of the scientific community, proving that it has the capabilities to handle a crisis when one arises. 

There have been new diagnostic technologies emerging due to the demand for faster, and a higher volume of things to be tested. With new technologies being developed at the speed they are being developed, it is no wonder that it is now one of the cornerstones of the entire pharmaceutical world. This proves the technological expertise of some of the minds in the industry, as well as their manufacturing capabilities as this has also expanded thanks to the diagnostic side of things always pushing forward.

Why Support Is Essential

Now more than ever, these two industries are at the very heart of what is needed by the world. They are emerging quickly and fiercely, researching in the hopes that they can provide what is needed to avoid people getting COVID-19. Beyond the pandemic we are currently facing, there is so much more good than these two industries can do for the future of medicine, which is why as a whole, we should be supporting the areas and boosting them as much as possible.

The talented people within these two industries have been highlighted due to their excellent work over the past year, and the potential for this industry is only just beginning to be recognised. These two industries have shown excellent promise over the course of the pandemic, which would lead people to believe that this is only the surface of what can be achieved in these areas. 

One would be forgiven for suggesting the worst is now behind us in relation to COVID-19. However, experts aren’t convinced that this is the case. Many are warning that the virus could mutate to the point where a vaccine is no longer effective, thus creating an epidemic. Furthermore, researchers are also worried about a hypothetical disease X. This theorised disease would have the same infection rate as COVID-19 and a far higher fatality rate. Experts have stated that it’s not a question of if a disease like this emerges but rather when. The progress in life sciences and diagnostics will be essential in ensuring that the UK and the world as a whole is able to cope with a threat that could already be on the horizon. With advanced aseptic filling solutions and rapid diagnostic testing, we can put the building blocks in place to ensure we are ready to deal with new challenges as they emerge. 

You should now understand a lot more about the new UK life sciences and diagnostics industries. The pandemic has certainly not been easy for most, and there are industries that have fallen due to it, but these two emerging ones are set to be one of the best that the UK has seen, something it didn’t even know was missing until now.

You can visit our leading UK aseptic filling facilities page here: Aseptic filling facilities

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Pharma研发2021年 // 起源 星期二,2月16日2月16日13:51:53 +0000 公司新闻 // 2021年制药行业有一些令人振奋的前景。在过去一年左右的时间里,由于争抢开发安全疫苗以抗击COVID-19病毒,整个行业发生了许多变化,产生了比以往任何时候都多的创新和积极变化。然而,势头……

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< p > <跨风格= "粗细:400;“2021年制药行业有一些令人兴奋的前景。在过去一年左右的时间里,由于争抢开发安全疫苗以抗击COVID-19病毒,整个行业发生了许多变化,产生了比以往任何时候都多的创新和积极变化。然而,早在这之前,这种势头就已经在幕后增长了。


没有人预料到制药行业在2020年会有如此大的一年,虽然有许多前所未有的挫折和破坏,将无限期地改变历史,但很快人们就清楚了,制药行业将永远地结束这场大流行。例如,向制药公司提供的资金数量令人难以置信,打破了记录,并对研发活动产生了巨大影响。 Now, the public confidence in pharma is at an all time high, and those working within the sector say that they are confident they can continue to drive the spend forward on R&D. In research conducted in May of 2020, 59% of experts within the pharma sector said they expected their budgets to have a significant increase in the coming 3 years. 

Taking everything that we have learned so far into account, we can see that pharma has launched into 2021 with more funding than before and a much greater presence on top of this. It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical industry has struggled with its reputation in the past, with many people believing that it ultimately values profits over people. However, the success of the available COVID-19 treatments made available so far seems to have turned all of that around, and now the industry has substantial investor interest and, finally, the support of the public. 

While the pharma industry is limitless, there are a few key trends that are set to transform the industry and set it apart in the coming years. 

Big Tech Innovation

Big tech can now be found working its way across most industries, including the pharmaceutical industry. Big Tech’s presence is set to continue to accelerate at a rapid pace as it is steadily implemented in a myriad of ways. Many helpful innovations have been noted after appearing in the sector over the last few years, including machine learning and big data.  

Big tech firms can offer a lot to the pharma industry, especially those pharma companies that don’t currently have the tech or capabilities to implement within the needed scientific applications. Many organisations are looking to incorporate big tech as quickly as possible in order to support coming R&D activities. 

Various technologies can be found across a multitude of areas to do with the vaccine, including new drug discovery and reducing failure rates. Big tech is res